DUO + Hot tub

How big of a hot tub do I need?

You want to make a logical decision and we have the answer for you: choose that tub from norvegdezsa.com that provides maximum comfort.

If you want to enjoy the beneficial effects of warm water by yourself or with your partner, we have an excellent offer for you.


The 2-person DUO+ hot tub is one of the most comfortable hot tubs with ergonomic design, built-in armrests and optional head pillow.

Just sit back, close your eyes and indulge yourself!


How can I heat water?

We offer two solutions: external wood fired heater, which can be marine aluminum, stainless or acid-resistant steel and electric system operated by WiFi. Both heating solutions are cost effective.


Which heating do we recommend the most and why we recommend electric heating for this tub?

It can be WiFi controlled so you can set the temperature or heating time on your phone, this system provides the best value for money plus you will get the water filtration equipment for FREE!


Which extras can I add to my DUO+ hot tub?

  • water filtration system
  • thermal cover
  • PU insulation
  • insulated bottom
  • head pillow
  • air-bubble system with preheated air
  • hydro massage system with 2,3 KW engine
  • RGB LED lighting (can also be set on your mobile)
  • bluetooth speakers
  • thermal panel covering
  • stainless steel decorative band


Which colour can I choose?

White or off-white, blue or blue metallic, gray or gray metal, red metal.

Would you like to know more about the DUO+ tub? Call us or send a message!